Think it’s too late to go to Oxford? Think again! The Oxford University Department for Continuing Education is there to help.

OUDCE has a long history

OUDCE has a long history

Over 130 years ago a movement called ‘Oxford Extension‘ began at the University of Oxford. This initiative sprang from general educational reforms in the mid-Victorian era, and from a growing national sense of social awareness.

Today the department still thrives. Indeed it is the largest department in the University of Oxford, offering 800 courses a year to over 15,000 students. If you are a mature student interested in a second chance here is their guide for mature students.

Students at an OUDCE lecture

Students at an OUDCE lecture

But, possibly most importantly, most of their courses, including their online courses are ‘open access’ – you need no qualifications to get onto them. Whoever you are, whatever your educational background, you are welcome.

You are not (yet!) able to study for a degree in philosophy at OUDCE. But you can get CATS points (Credit Accumulated Transfer points) which might get you onto a degree course. Or you can study for all sorts of other Oxford qualifications.

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In philosophy OUDCE offers weekly classes, weekend schools, online courses and summer schools. They also hold open days, available on the web as well as in person. To find out more click here

Here is the lecture Philosophy in 45 Minutes that I gave at the Open Day in 2015.