A Romp Through Formal Logic

In November 2013 I gave a Weekend School at Rewley House introducing participants to formal logic.

Critical Reasoning: A Romp Through the Foothills of Logic by Marianne Talbot

Critical Reasoning: A Romp Through the Foothills of Logic by Marianne Talbot

It was very much an introduction, and I did it to help readers of my book Critical Reasoning: A Romp Through the Foothills of Logic These podcasts are audio not video, but I also recorded some short videos to supplement these podcasts, and to help readers of the book.

The short videos will also help participants on the online short course.  I wrote this online course in 2013. It is being taught for the first time in Michaelmas Term (the autumn term) 2014. I will be teaching the first run, and once it is finished I’ll let you know how it has gone!

You’ll find the videos that supplement the audio podcasts below the appropriate audio podcast. There are also the transcripts for all the podcasts and the supplementary videos:



Session One: The Nature of Arguments (This summarises the Critical Reasoning Podcasts)

Transcript for session one: FL1

Session Two: Translating Arguments into Sequents, 

Transcript for session two:FL2

 Supplementary Video Formalising Arguments

Transcript for supplementary video: FormalisingArgumentsTranscript

Session Three: Truth Tables

Transcript for session three: FL3

Supplementary Videos:

Introducing Truth Tables


Testing Semantic Sequents with Truth Tables

Transcript: TestingSemanticTranscript

Session Four: Syntactic Tableaux

Transcript for session four: FL4

Supplementary Video: Testing Syntactic Sequents with  Tableaux

Transcript: TestingSyntacticTranscript

Session Five: Discussion

Transcript for session five: FL5




9 Responses to A Romp Through Formal Logic

  1. Raphaela says:

    The online course sounds interesting. Is this a MOOC and if so, on what platform will it be taught?

    (apologies if this posts more than once. WordPress is playing up on me…)

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Raphaela, it did come more than once but I trashed the other! No, our online courses are not MOOCs. They are all short (ten week) taught courses. They are restricted to 33 students, under one tutor. The courses involves readings, activities (both individual and group) such as discussions, joint readings, dissecting arguments…All guided by your tutor. We do charge for these courses. I blush to admit I am not sure how much (and anyway it varies whether you are EU based or rest of the world). But the links to the course websites will give you all the information you need. I shall myself be teaching the first run of critical reasoning. It will, I hope run for the first time in Michaelmas (Autumn) Term 2014.

  2. Chris says:

    Marianne! Thank you thank you thank you! I’m so glad you’ve decided to do this, I’ve been learning philosophy by myself for awhile, gleaning much from you. Formal logic had been a difficult thing to grasp on my own, I was hoping you’d do this and you have. I consider your teaching style and enthusiasm for sharing philosophy an example to the rest of the philosophical community on how it should be done. You are awesome!

    • Marianne says:

      Hi Chris,

      You’re glad I have started my website, or glad I have written my book? Either way, I am glad you are glad! Awesome! Aw shucks! Thank you.


  3. Garry says:

    Ma’am can you please mail me the handouts for these. I m not able to find them anywhere in the Internet world.

  4. When will get “A Romp Through Epistemology”?!

    I’m epistemically certain your fans demand it!

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