Miscellaneous Podcasts

Marianne Talbot

Marianne Talbot

As well as the series of podcasts I have recorded there are a number of ‘one-offs’.

For example there are the podcasts I have made for OUDCE Open Days in 2012 and 2013. Both podcasts have the same name ‘Philosophy in 45 Minutes’  but the content is quite different:

OUDCE Open Day 2012

OUDCE Open Day 2013

OUDCE Open Day 2017

OUDCE Open Day 2018

Then there is the lecture I gave for the Oxford University Alumni Weekend in 2013:

Biotechnology: For Better or Worse?

Marianne at OUDCE

Marianne at OUDCE

Then there is a short talk that I gave to the ‘Cultural Connections’ Conference on Digital Humanities:

Spreading the Word

Then there are the short podcasts I made on Vimeo for my book Keeping Mum: Caring for Someone with Dementia

And here is a podcast of a talk on caring I gave to the King’s Fund ‘Beyond Dilnot’ Conference, and here is another one I gave to the conference on Psychiatry and Old Age in 2015.

I hope you enjoy them. Do let me know!

maxresdefaultHere are some podcasts from an OUDCE weekend school on Spinoza. The speakers are Professor Susan James of Birkbeck and Dr. Beth Lord of Aberdeen

Lecture one Spinoza on Perceiving the World Passionately (Susan James)

Lecture two Spinoza’s Universe (Beth Lord)

Lecture three Spinoza on Political Cooperation (Susan James)

Lecture four Spinoza on Mind and Body (Beth Lord)

The fourth lecture is audio only because unbeknownst to the people who arranged the podcasts, I moved us all to the lecture theatre – so the podcast had nothing but an empty lecture theatre! The Philosophical Society has come to the rescue though and provided an audio recording.  Enjoy!

Here are two lectures I gave in November 2017 for the weekend school The Rationality of Animals:

Rationality from a Philosopher’s Perspective

Fitness, Utility and Morality 

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