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The Principle of Charity

This piece is based on the section on The Principle of Charity in chapter one of my e-book Critical Reasoning: A Romp Through the Foothills of Logic Here is the philosopher Donald Davidson talking about what we do (or should do) … Continue reading

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Excerpt from my new book: Critical Reasoning: A Romp Through the Foothills of Logic

Truth and Falsehood Arguments are not true or false. Arguments are only good or bad. So the sentences that constitute an argument – the sentence that is asserted, and those sentences on the basis of which the first is asserted … Continue reading

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Utilitarianism – the Final Word on Morality?

Consequentialism of some kind, usually Utilitarianism, is the ‘kneejerk’ moral theory of our time. It seems obvious to many people that the right – the moral – thing to do is whatever will produce the greatest happiness of the greatest … Continue reading

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Philosophy Bites

This month’s website is the fantastic Philosophy Bites Started by the redoubtable Nigel Warburton, and David Edmonds, it runs short interview clips (bites) with famous philosophers on matter of philosophical interest. Here you can listen to Roger Scruton on the … Continue reading

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Assisted Dying

Last night a friend of mine died. She starved herself to death. Erina was 74. She couldn’t eat (she was fed through a ‘peg’). She couldn’t walk (she used a wheelchair). She couldn’t talk (she used a ‘possum’ – think … Continue reading

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Philosophy Jokes

Whenever I post philosophy jokes on my Facebook Page my ‘reach’ extends. I thought, to lighten your philosophical load, you might like a few links to sites on which you will find philosophy jokes: Psychology Today’s Top Ten Philosophy Jokes … Continue reading

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The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy

Each month I will feature a philosophy website This month’s website is the wonderful Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy This incredibly useful open-access resource will help you get a grip on any issue in philosophy. It will not always be an … Continue reading

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