My Blogs

A blog for you and a blog for me and some extras!

purple question markThe blog for you is the conundrum blog. I will set you a new conundrum as often as I can (I hoped it would be monthly but that didn’t happen!) It’ll be a key issue in philosophy, and a question or two to get you thinking about it. I will also give you some reading; introductory stuff, primary sources and secondary sources. But if you haven’t time to do the reading just come and give me your intuitions.

The ThinkerThe blog for me is the Reflections blog. As often as I can I will post on something that I find interesting. It might be a weekend school that I want to tell you about, something from the news, or just something that strikes me as interesting. If there is something you’d like me to write about don’t hesitate to be in touch…

One of the extras is the Featured Website. Every now and again I will choose a philosophy website that I think merits your attention. It might be anything: an encyclopaedia, a blogsite, a series of videos, a particular podcast, a classical text now online…

cropped-43d5e2f9.jpgThe other extra is a set of links to pages of Philosophy Jokes. These are for fun. Enjoy! (Do you like my laughing cat? I think he is splendid!)

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