Weekly Classes

Able to get to Oxford every week for a term?

Then you might be interested in the weekly classes OUDCE hold every term. Oxford’s three terms are called Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity. Although each term is only 8 weeks long for the main university, OUDCE keeps 10 week terms. You will find up-to date details of all OUDCE’s weekly classes in philosophy here

Ewert House

Ewert House

OUDCE Classes are held in two main places. Rewley House, right in the centre of Oxford, and Ewert House, about a mile outside the centre of Oxford in Summertown.

Classes might be during the morning or afternoon, but are usually in the evening. As an illustration of the sort of thing OUDCE does in 2017/18 we held weekly classes in the following subjects:


Continental Philosophy from Phenomenology to Hermeneutics
‘What Can We Know? – the sources and limits of knowledge’
An Introduction to the Ethics Of Emmanual Kant
Philosophy of Emotions
Critical Reasoning (Informal logic)
The Ethics of Doing Good to Others and to Oneself

The classes above have all started now – if you have missed out check out Hilary and Trinity:


Continental Philosophy from Structuralism to Deconstruction
Applied Ethics
Politics, Business and the Common Good
Must be, might be, may be: The Philosophy of Possibility and Necessity
Philosophy of Action and Agency
Philosophy of Art
First Steps in Formal Logic


Human Wickedness
Marx and the Communist Manifesto
An Introduction to Aristotle’s Views on Reality
Fichte’s Idealism
The Ethics of Life and Death
Epicurus: All About Pleasure?