Philosophy Bites

This month’s website is the fantastic Philosophy Bites

Nigel Warburton

Nigel Warburton

Started by the redoubtable Nigel Warburton, and David Edmonds, it runs short interview clips (bites) with famous philosophers on matter of philosophical interest.

Here you can listen to Roger Scruton on the Sacred. Or Simon

Simon Blackburn

Simon Blackburn

Blackburn on Narcissism. Or Tom Stoneham on Berkeley’s Immaterialism (this is relevant of course to the monthly conundrum for June), and many more.

There are also links to books by the philosophers featured, and to Nigel Warburton’s new (and I should imagine very popular) classes

Philosophy Bites has no sponsor. It is yet another resource provided free by philosophers to those who love philosophy. Might you sponsor them?

Do check out this fantastic site.

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Marianne is Director of Studies in Philosophy at Oxford University's Department for Continuing Education
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