Philosophy Now

Philosophy Now

Philosophy Now

This month’s website is the website for Philosophy Now Magazine.  Not everything on it is free, but there is enough free content to qualify it for my website of the month.

Philosophy Now is a bi-monthly magazine, edited by Rick Lewis, and his editorial team. It was started in 1991, and has gone from strength to strength. You can read an interview with Rick Lewis about the founding of Philosophy Now here.

Kant Philosophy Now

Kant Philosophy Now

Rick’s aim is to ‘corrupt innocent citizens’ by convincing them that philosophy is wonderful – an aim after my own heart! The magazine has a huge selection of articles from Wittgenstein, Tolstoy and the Folly of Logical Positivism to Ethics without Morals. It also has lots of interesting features such as a recent competition for readers on How Should I Live? (available to subscribers only), regular news on philosophy and philosophers, and book reviews. There are also short videos such as this one on Philosophy of History, and podcasts such as this one entitled The Linguistic Wizardry of Ludwig Wittgenstein.

Each of the articles can be discussed by readers, and clearly this is a very well-loved feature. There are general philosophy forums too, so those of you who love a discussion would be well-advised to try this site.

If you are interested in subscribing to Philosophy Now you can do so here.

I think Rick and his team produce a brilliant magazine – of interest to anyone who is interested in philosophy.











Rick is married to Anja Steinbauer, who runs Philosophy for All which I might feature in next month’s featured website.

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Marianne is Director of Studies in Philosophy at Oxford University's Department for Continuing Education
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